The EVOO Cortijo Santa María is presented in a transparent half-liter bottle. Its intense green color, originated in the early harvest of the month of November, is progressively turning golden as the oil matures.
Olive oil is a living product that evolves. Its preferred consumption time range is 24 months after collection, provided that it is stored at less than 23º Celsius (73º Fahrenheit) and protected from light. Our bottle includes a measuring cap. Close it after use to avoid oxygenation that can modify its flavor. Ideally, once the bottle is opened, it will be consumed within 2 months.


EVOO contains 98% lipids (mainly oleic acid). The remaining 2%, about 270 elements that grants the healthy organoleptic characteristics. Great aroma oils such as EVOO Cortijo Santa María bring their fragrance with very small amounts. In this way, you can enjoy its qualities without great caloric contributions.


In addition to cooking, integrating sauces, dressing salads and other foods, the EVOO Cortijo Santa María its idial for frying up to 6 or 7 times as it withstands temperatures higher than other food fats. Thus, when frying food, these are sealed (the oil does not penetrate inside) and they keep all the flavor and the nutritional elements.
A couple of secrets: you can use it even for cocktails. If you stir an egg white with EVOO, a delicious emulsion will be generated that granting your Daikiri or Margarita a special aroma. You can also spread it on chocolate bread and have a mystical experience.