Extra virgin olive oil

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Our master harvester jealously guarded a secret that has been passed down from generation to generation. At the beginning of every November, he collected olives from specific olive trees and obtained a green oil with an intense flavor that he kept exclusively for his family.
The rest of the harvest was carried out later on  when the olives matured and, therefore, generated higher yields. Today, his heirs have decided to bet on that secret and produce that intense green gold in a very limited edition for the enjoyment of the most exclusive palates.
Collected solely by mechanical means and in the process of becoming a 100% ecological product, Cortijo de Santa María Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil has become the most desired olive oil available today for all those who love an explosion of incomparable flavors.


This EVOO is harvested with care in the hamlet of Limones (Granada) by traditional means when the Picual olive is not yet matured.
This single variety oil is a living food, with an intense greenness with a herbaceous and astringent flavor, which matures towards a golden color. Its flavor reminds those of  tomato, fig tree and almond




Intense with fresh notes and forceful in the throat


Almond, green leaf, slightly bitter, spicy and fruity 


Intense green that becomes more golden when it ripes



“In Spain we’ve got plenty of extra virgin olive oils of the highest qualities, however Cortijo de Santa María is extremely tasteful with a slight bitter touch that makes you want more. I love it just with a bit of salt on top of hot bread. A culinary miracle.”

Manuel (Spain)

“It is amazing how fast it traveled from Spain to Germany. I treasure it considering the high prices of olive oil here. Definitely, it’s high quality compared to other brands I used to buy. Now I know what is a real taste. Nothing compares to it.”

Agneta (Germany)

“It was a Christmas present from the company I work for. I checked the historical roots of the olive orchards the olive comes from and I was impressed. The picual olive is intense but this oil is really balanced with very low acidity.”

Evandro (Portugal)


2 Early harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 ml bottles in carved wooden box

Special edition of our oil presented in a box made by artisans who treat wood with special affection. Includes two bottles of the delicious Cortijo de Santa Maria extra virgin olive oil.

Early harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cortijo de Santa María in 500 ml bottle

Cortijo Santa María EVOO early harvest, first cold pressed, is presented in a transparent half-liter bottle. Its intense green color, originated in the early harvest in November.
Its preferred consumption is 24 months, as long as it is stored below 23 degrees and protected from light. Our bottle includes a measuring cap. Close it after use to avoid oxygenation that can …

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